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Cold and Snow

This is Vermont. It is still winter. But honestly! The windchill tomorrow is projected to be -25 degrees at least through lunch. There is a windchill advisory that starts at midnight and runs through noon. Earlier today, when it was warmer (over 20!), we had a snow squall that went through with those big flakes that stick to your clothes and are big enough to blur your vision if one gets stuck on an eyelash. It was lovely for about half an hour, and then I noticed a change, The rate of snow did not change but the flakes slowly got smaller. Those of you in the north country know what that means. The temperature was falling.

It is now 9 degrees and has fallen 7 degrees in the last hour. They say our high tomorrow will be between -5 and 5. Our low tonight will be down to -12. These are temperatures we usually see in January. We are days from 5 weeks to the Equinox. Things have got to change. But we are told this weather pattern will continue through next week. I’ve had enough, but there’s nothing I can do about it. In four weeks, I will go on a writer’s retreat in south central Vermont. I have dreamed that there would be hints of spring by then. But the way this weather is going, we’ll still be in deepest winter by then.

But it’s only time, and by then, who knows? Maybe my book will finally be ready to go into production. Stranger things have happened.