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Neither the Democratic Party nor Hillary Clinton recognized the deep-seated antiestablishment sentiment in this country that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders represented. They stayed in their bubble and ignored evidence that was building throughout the spring and summer of 2016 and crowned one of the most disliked people ever to grace the stage as their nominee, giving lip service to the bold and popular work of Sanders. Now they are shocked, shocked, that the others, the voters so enlivened by the two outsider campaigns, still hated the Clintons and all they represent.

Their arrogance, their disdain for Sanders and their manipulating of the media and the DNC led directly to the hell we are now facing. Sure, blame Donald Trump too. But I’m done with the whole pack of them and will have nothing to do with the Democrats again.

Bernie and the MSM

As you may know, I support Bernie Sanders in the primaries and caucuses that start in January. CBS recently produced a graphic that exemplifies the treatment Bernie receives at the hands of the mainstream media. The Harvard Institute of Politics recently did a study of millennials and their positions with regard to the upcoming elections. The numbers in the Harvard study were quite clear that Bernie leads Clinton, 41% to 35%. So why did CBS create a graphic showing that Clinton led Bernie by 41% to 35%? Try to find the graphic now, two or three days after it appeared, and you probably won’t be successful. But many local CBS channels are posting a correction on their Facebook pages or their home web pages. And some of them are removing the correction, and posting instead a correct graphic. But here it is as posted to Facebook as  a screenshot thanks to an astute viewer.

Now my first thought on seeing the graphic on TV on CBS was that it was an odd result. So I went to the site of the Harvard study and found that the graphic was incorrect. I returned to CBS and saw the graphic a few more times, and then it stopped. It still exists on Facebook at the link above. Think about how an image like this gets onto a major network. Think of the various editors and fact checkers who are employed specifically for this function. And ask yourself how this could slip through in error. If you come to the same conclusion that I have, you will realize that this was no error. This was allowed to air to give a false impression of Clinton’s strength, to discourage Bernie supporters and to suppress the likelihood that millennials will feel empowered by the Sanders campaign.

A number of newspapers and pundits have questioned Bernie’s recent attacks on the mainstream media. ABC last month gave 81 minutes to Trump and one minute to Bernie. Are Bernie’s attacks unwarranted in light of that statistic and CBS’s perfidy? I needn’t tell the world about the nonstop reporting of Trump’s idiocies and the frequent reference to Hillary Clinton as the presumptive democratic nominee. Listening to the mainstream media, one could be excused for believing that no one was challenging Clinton.

Bernie supporters have assumed that the media’s neglect of him was initially because he was given no chance of success. Once he started drawing large crowds in the summer, there was certainly evidence that his campaign has staying power. After the first two debates, though the pundits claimed Clinton won both, internet and nonaligned polls all suggested that Bernie had won both.

Bernie wins the Google race. He wins the internet. And where do you think most millennials get their news? Certainly not from the mainstream media! I suspect egg on the face of many of the pundits and their media partners when Bernie wins both Iowa and New Hampshire. I will apologize if he doesn’t win both of them. But I bet you’ll never hear it!

Bernie Sanders and the MSM

Just a few thoughts on my favorite Senator Bernie Sanders and the way he is ignored by the main stream media. Bernie has been a blessing for Vermont for the past 30 years, and we are willing to share him with the nation. With Bernie, wysiwig. What you see is what you get. He is, in a sense, boring (I know, let me finish) because he is saying now what he has been saying for all those 30 years. The takeover of America by the moneyed class, the loss of a middle class, the destruction of the environment, the banks too big to fail, these have been his mantras in one form or another from day one of his elected life in this fair state.

The mainstream media doesn’t like him because he’s honest and consistent. Where’s the fun in that in gotcha news? Even more important, he is comprehensible, which puts him one step ahead of his colleagues in Congress and the residents of the Republican Clown Car. There is no inconsistent video or tape of him, because  he is as unchangeable as the sun. In order to get any interest out of Bernie, they have to report on his ideas, which are not soundbites, or watered down for the dumb class.

And the most amazing thing about all of this is that Bernie is raising money, quickly, from a young and involved electorate. This is one way in which people can show their support through the coming thirteen or fourteen months. Join in the giving at  Please realize that donations as small as $5 or $10 are appreciated as much as the higher donors. In fact, his first $1.5 million was raised by gifts that averaged $43. I am on my own version of the installment plan. When I have money, I send it, even if it is only $5 or $10 because it mounts up overtime.

Please join us for a roller coaster ride toward prosperity for all!