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The fall of civilization?

The loss of civility that has been occasioned by the internet creeps into our daily discourse, it seems. What used to be confined to the anonymity of Twitter and comments sections in Facebook and news sites is now uttered casually on the street. It is as if a great barrier built on eons of learning to live together has been broken and we are reverting to some pre-civilized state where the pounding of chests and the roaring of challenges were commonplace.

This most recent incivility started, I suppose, in the tribalism of soccer stadiums gone wild. We used to watch in amazement the barbarism and hate exposed in the videos from Europe. Now it resides here too, the in-your-face-ism of people who don’t share one’s own worldview, this need to expose to the world one’s own worldview as the only acceptable one, and to denigrate all those who don’t share it.

So I will join this me-firstness and proclaim here my credo to the world.

The world belongs to all of us and we need to learn to share nicely, as we were taught in kindergarten. We shouldn’t shit in the playpen, and we should hold hands, even with those we don’t like, when crossing the street. We should not be cruel to others, but accept them as they are, just as we expect them to accept us. Tantrums are disruptive and warrant a time-out for the actor to calm down. We should treat animals gently, because they have feelings, too.

I could go on, but you get the point.


An open letter to Glastonbury, from a victim.

There are good people in the world and this is proof of it.


Dear The Eavis family, and all who make Glastonbury happen,

So I write a lot of letters, but I promise this one will be worth reading – stick with it. This isn’t complaining about the crowds or the headliners, or telling the world how life changing the week was for me to provoke envy inducing angry faces all over Facebook. This is a story about a girl who contacted a giant festival who cater for hundreds of thousands with a request for help and was met with compassion, love and overwhelming acts of kindness.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to Glastonbury for the first year ever, with a group of friends who were equally as excited as I was – WhatsApp groups sharing outfits and line up rumours sprung up within minutes of receiving the golden tickets, and June 2017 could not come soon enough.

Unfortunately for me…

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(3/2/17 update) From Russia, With Love..

This friend of mine is doing all the hard work on this, and it is greatly appreciated. At least in this little corner of the country, facts still matter.

Chris LaMay-West

from_russia_with_love_logoAs promised, I will keep updating this regularly with new developments. You’ll find the text of my original post from 2/21/17 below, with new content since then highlighted in blue text. One thing I find  tremendously encouraging is that there are another 11 bullet points to add to the 26 that were already in this post just in the last 10 days. With three separate FBI probes, a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation, and the New York Times and the Washington Post clearly having dedicated teams on this, one thing the story won’t do is go away. Which is good, because how and where a foreign regime hostile to Democracy interfered in our election, and whether or how our new administration is or is not tied to that regime are questions that every American, Left, Right or Center, deserves answers to.

Among my various ventures into activism since the election, I…

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The Broken Mirror, a Fractured Movement and the 2016 Elections

This is an interesting post which explains part of the mechanics of the left’s self-immolation this year. Bernie wasn’t perfect but he was the closest thing to change with a heart that we had.

Ricardo Levins Morales Art Studio


It is 2016 and US radicals are unfriending each other droves. Everyone is so incredulous that their one-time comrades could be as misguided as they are. The inability of social justice activists to get on the same page, however, is not the result of some folks just being too stupid to get it. Rather its the natural product social justice organizing in the time of the non-profit system. How we arrived at this fractured state of affairs holds clues for what we can do to build toward a genuine unified movement in the future.

As these comments are released early voting has started and the campaigns are in their final days. Therefore my observations will not impact many people’s choices. I am more concerned about influencing people’s perceptions. The reasons for the left’s paralysis and division require some reflection. In the process, I hope to reaffirm a tradition of…

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Why We’re Voting No on #3

It’s very clear now I hope.

Selene Colburn

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-8-34-17-am An early vision for added height density at the Burlington Town Center in Plan BTV, Burlington’s 2013 downtown and waterfront planning document.

On November 8th, Burlington voters will weigh in on zoning changes and public TIF investments in support of a mall revitalization project at the Burlington Town Center. We’re three members of the Burlington City Council who strongly support mixed-use development, growth in our local housing stock, efforts to increase housing affordability and the revitalization of our out-of-date downtown mall. We don’t support the size and massing in the proposed zoning, or a process that failed to explore alternatives more in line with the current upper height limits in our downtown.

When we vote on Burlington ballot item #3, we are voting on a zoning overlay district, not a mall project. Zoning, as established through community engagement and codified in the Downtown and Waterfront Master Plan, sets the terms…

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