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Sorry for my absence!

It  has been a tumultuous few weeks. My editor abandoned me, which may be a good thing. The leader of my writers workshop, who’s virtues I have extolled frequently in this blog, has taken a job out of state and we have been transitioning leadership in the workshop. As if this were not enough, our landlord told us that our workshop did not fit his vision for his facility since we were not “fine” artists and not suitable tenants.

We had to find a new space, which was quite a search but ultimately partially successful. We have found a wonderful  classy place with one major drawback. And a few minor ones. The major drawback is that it is a third floor walk-up, and the two flights are each horrors in their own ways. As we are trying to obtain federal recognition as a non-profit (the state has already so recognized us), we must make reasonable accommodations for the disabled. we have two easy ways of accommodating individuals, since both the library and the UU Church will be willing to allow us use of rooms for workshops when disabled persons wish to attend. We only ask for  five days’ notice so we can make the arrangements.

The new place has a dishwasher, which was part of its attraction. Writers drink a lot of coffee. First load and we soaked the hall below us. Luckily we have a wonderful new landlord. The dishwasher may be replaced by a full sized refrigerator! I am intentionally eliding over the many trips up and down those stairs in the moving process.

Last Friday we launched the Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2015, and I was one of the writers who got to read. But my buddy Peter set me up. He had a box into which people could put potential topics for one of my double dactyls. After I read my poems, he pulled a suggestion from the box, and I was given one hour to compose a double dactyl on that subject. It was “Putin’s War,” about which I have written before. I produced an appropriate offering, and was inundated with requests to write on all of the subjects given me.

Scummily bummily
Putin is fighting a
War with Ukraine, you see,
Without remorse

Shirtless upon a horse
Like a big hit man; his
Morals are worse

was the one for that night, but I have already written the first seven of the new ones. I have about 25 more to go. And after the launch, I was challenged to write one on the subject of groceries at our local Hannaford, a local grocery chain.

Grocely procely
Burlington Hannaford
Cookies and sauerkraut
Are there for sale

Cat food and moist wipes have
Seafood and scallops but
They don’t have whale.

Sorry, it was silly but the best I could do on the spur of the moment.

And then to top off the insanity, I helped Peter pack up to move away on Saturday. And I’ve spent last night and tonight working the phones at the UU Church for our pledge drive. So now, I’m writing this, so you won’t think I’ve just been lolling around in the balmy weather we’ve been having. Why, we’ve even broken 40 degrees a few times!

Publishing Fantastical Trips

I will be publishing this book through Shire Books, a branch of Northshire Books in Manchester, VT. I had a long talk today with my contact at Shire, and learned the answers to many questions I have. I now know that it is impossible to arrange for the book’s issuance at the same time by POD (print on demand) and ebook. The main issue is the fact that the various purveyors of ebooks take different times in getting the book on their sites. Therefore, the POD may well be available before the ebook.

I fully expect that most of my sales (if any)  will be as ebooks, and it will be available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, i-Books,  Kobo and others. Please contact me if you need the book to be available in a particular e-store, and I will see what I can do

If you want a print book, you will be able to order it at any online store that acquires its books through Ingram. Since that is most bookstores in the USA, you should be able to order it.

All of this discussion is, of course, premature. The final edit is not yet done, and the book has not yet been sent to the typesetter/designer. Then it will be proofread again, and only then sent to Shire. But the end is in sight for this one, and the commencement of the same process for Book 2 is similarly in sight. Stay tuned for my decision on the name of the sequel, and the later disclosure of its cover.

Alert! Change of Plans

My editor contacted me yesterday to tell me that she thinks the material in my book should be spread over more than one book, to wit, three and possibly four. Who knew i was writing a series? In fact, as written it is four interconnected stories, none of which I thought warranted a full book by itself. Apparently I am too terse, and maybe a little inconsistent. I make leaps and  bounds in my imagination and don’t apparently give the reader enough info to get to the same place I land. So this may be grueling, or it may turn out to be relatively painless. As a pantser, I may only have to have my nose pointed in the right (or write?) direction and my characters will lead the way.

What this means is that I may have as many as four books published in my first year of publication. And I’ll let you in on a secret. If the first book is really three or four, then I’ve clearly got number five already started with the first 50,000 words of what I thought was the sequel to the first book. And I know the first part of the sequel will morph into a full book if my editor has anything to say about it.

Now the only scary thing is, does anybody care? Does anybody want to read my book(s)? Time alone will tell, gentle reader. I hope you will come along for the ride.