More Publishing News!

Two more poems have been accepted for publication. I’m almost on a roll! But my head has been pulled back into politics, and so my writing has hit the doldrums. I have noticed before that my creativity seems to fuel both my writing and my passion for political change. I shall have to find a way to do both at the same time, though that will come in time, I suppose.

The first of these poems was accepted at the beginning of January and will appear in the Spring edition of Buck Off magazine. I haven’t heard when it will be available yet, and they are apparently still looking to fill a fiction slot. The poem is called “Making Loaf” and is an attempt at following Kim Addonizio’s very good instruction in her book The Poet’s Companion. Kim is a master at the erotic poem, but she recognizes that not all of us are adept at that particular form. She suggests taking a mundane task, finding a way to substitute some more sensual verbs for the everyday ones generally used in describing the mundane act to make the act a metaphor for a sensual act. I chose baking bread, and this poem is my attempt at fulfilling her instruction. I was quite pleased when it was accepted by Buck Off since I wasn’t at all sure I had succeeded at my task. I will let you know when the poem appears.

The second poem is called “social security day” and it has appeared today in a British journal, Peeking Cat Poetry, which is free to download in PDF format. I had submitted this to several journals without much luck and took one last stab at getting someone to look at it, and it worked! It is one of my favorite poems, because it has my cats in it, and i think I did a few good metaphors. Check it out here. This link takes you to the page on Lulu where you can download the PDF. It’s Issue 34.

I hope you enjoy these poems. I’m told by my fellows at the Burlington Writers Workshop that my voice is fairly distinctive, and I’d love to hear any comments or criticisms of my work!


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