Neither the Democratic Party nor Hillary Clinton recognized the deep-seated antiestablishment sentiment in this country that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders represented. They stayed in their bubble and ignored evidence that was building throughout the spring and summer of 2016 and crowned one of the most disliked people ever to grace the stage as their nominee, giving lip service to the bold and popular work of Sanders. Now they are shocked, shocked, that the others, the voters so enlivened by the two outsider campaigns, still hated the Clintons and all they represent.

Their arrogance, their disdain for Sanders and their manipulating of the media and the DNC led directly to the hell we are now facing. Sure, blame Donald Trump too. But I’m done with the whole pack of them and will have nothing to do with the Democrats again.

5 thoughts on “Arrogance

  1. Martha Kennedy

    I very nearly posted almost the same thing this morning — then didn’t. Hillary is a stupid cow whose “first woman president” agenda blinded her to the fact (and it was a fact, in her face if she’d ever looked up) people did not like her, had no confidence in her, and they DID like Bernie and stood behind his vision, experience and commitment. She could’ve been the first woman VICE president (possibly) but… And trotting out that miserable monstrosity that is her husband? And then accusing Trump of disrespecting women? Willie was CONVICTED of perjury because he didn’t have the balls to say, “Yeah, well, I did it. Not the smartest thing ever, but…” I haven’t forgotten that whole moment in American history and how shaming it was. And she (arrogantly?) brought him out to public view when she should have been minimizing his whole existence? Contempt and arrogance.

    So we have the closest election in my experience, with HRC getting a micron more than The Donald in the popular vote and The Donald getting the electoral college… Two Americas — one rural one urban. And we had a candidate who understood BOTH Americas and was ready to work for both of them. That he did not get the nomination disillusioned a whole generation of voters who are not yet old enough to know how the “system” “works”. 😦 OH well…

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      1. w1nt3l

        Start educating and sharing our experience with a younger generation so that we’re informed and able to decide for ourselves instead of relying on biased mainstream media. Oh, and of course, Bernie 2020!

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