Writing again?

I am about to start writing again, after a year plus of politics. I found over the past year that the part of me that generates plots and characters is the same part that is energized by political hope. While the elections are not until November, and I will still be putting in some time on local candidates, I will have more free time and less drag on creativity in the coming months. I’m starting slowly, editing a bit of what I’ve already written, and I’m reading a lot. All writers need to read to recharge their batteries and see how others do it.

I have two projects needing my attention. I’ve been writing a story in the same world as Ascension of Peary that actually takes place some thirty years before Peary. I have also pulled out my first novel Fantastical Trips and have put in the first 15,000 words on its rewrite, all before or during the political campaigns. I’ve gotten very useful feedback from my writing group on the main flaw in my writing, and I’ll get to see how hard it is to correct that problem. Oh, joy.

The simple fact is that I have been told for the past two years what the problem is in my writing, and it’s simply that I go too fast, not taking time to stop and fill in the reader on the movie in my head. I do very well at action scenes and dialogue, but setting and description, not so much. So I will put my writing hat back on, and commit to writing a certain amount of time each day, with new advice front and foremost. We’ll see how long that lasts!

5 thoughts on “Writing again?

      1. Martha Kennedy

        Yeah, well, the bottom line is that writing is an experience if one allows it to be. Really that’s it. It’s a committed relationship, too. Thank you for commenting! Now I get to find out how that works! 🙂


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