Tim Kaine and the courting of Republicans

Hillary had a few choices when it came to making her VP choice, and she picked the oligarch move. She picked the centrist Tim Kaine and her message was clear. Screw the left and Bernie Sanders. She’d rather lose by going right than left. She has undoubtedly sealed her doom with this pick, given the attraction that Trump seems to be to a vast number of undereducated and emotionally crippled right wing nutjobs. This looks to be a very low turnout election if the left stays home, and a very amusing one if Jill Stein actually picks up Bernie’s 13 million plus voters, along with the millions who supported Bernie but didn’t get a chance to vote in this cycle.

Tim  Kaine is not and never has been a true democrat (note the small d). He is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative Democrat who will never push for an increase in social security taxes on the wealthy or increased benefits for those seriously left behind. He is pro-TPP, and personally opposed to a woman’s right to choose. The only reason to name Tim Kaine as her veep is for Hillary to appeal to the Bushes and Romneys of the Republican Party, those appalled at what Trump is doing to the GOP. These include neo-cons we all loved to hate during the W administration, and Republican women who cannot abide the sexism oozing out of everything Trump says.

I confess I was somewhat ambivalent about all the silly Hillary-bots who claimed that a vote for Stein or a write-in for Bernie was a vote for Trump. But Hillary, by picking Kaine, has told us that we and our priorities just have to get in line behind her because she’s the only way to defeat Trump. Nonsense. She has given the progressives a gift by picking Kaine. She has freed us of any guilt in not voting for her and the Clintons’ constant triangulation to the right. She has said that progressives don’t matter, that unity on the center left isn’t necessary, and that she’d rather have Republican support than the traditional support of the Democratic party, the workers, the middle class (what’s left of it), people of color, immigrants and the downtrodden. Tip O’Neill is turning in his grave at this lurch to the right. FDR and Eleanor are weeping at the death of the New Deal. And the Green Party will gain admittance to the debates when the Bernistas flood to Jill Stein and she rises above 15% in the polls.

Thank you, Hillary, for confirming all my worst suspicions of you, and confirming that you don’t want my vote anyway.

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