Thank you, Bernie. Hello, Jill.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Bernie Sanders for doing the impossible. He awoke an entire generation of  new voters with the message he has been sending for the past 40 years. He has awoken a sleeping giant that will be heard for many years to come because he has shown a signpost for how we can redeem our country from the 1% and turn it back to a democracy, as has been done in the past by trust-breakers and men of good conscience who couldn’t be bought. There are those of my generation who thought that the left could never rise again, and we were on the road to one of the many dystopian worlds so beloved by the younger generation. We were thankfully wrong.

Bernie’s message resonated as well as it did precisely because it was not a cult of personality, though it sometimes seems that it might be veering in that direction. His repeated utterance of “Not me, us” was so antithetical to the way politics has been presented to us since forever that it caused people to sit up and take notice. When he spoke to issues that actually mattered to folks, they stayed interested, they sent money, and they voted. It is neither Bernie’s fault nor the fault of his supporters that they were victims of the most fraudulent primary in this nation’s history (the academics can see it, even if the Hillary-bots and the MSM cannot).

What Bernie did in endorsing Hillary was to preserve his right to speak at the convention. Without the endorsement, he could have been prevented from speaking. Because he will be there, he can compel a true vote by the delegates, where the impact of the  superdelegates will be on display for all the world to see. We still have a few weeks, and Hillary can still step into a big hole. I’m not holding my breath, but I can certainly hope.

I know Bernie has asked us all to join him in fighting Donald Trump, and he has good and realistic reasons for doing it. I’m sorry that I cannot vote for Hillary, but it remains, and will remain, my position.

Today I read a long statement in the comments section of a report of Jill Stein’s tweets during Bernie’s and Hillary’s speeches on Tuesday. The rant explained that, by not voting for Hillary, we would be electing Trump, and he made the argument in many new and interesting ways, but added the usual ad hominem attack that our temper tantrums were childish and selfish. Condescension is never going to win friends and influence people, especially that of white men toward women of any race.

Jill Stein is adopting virtually all of Bernie’s policies in that hers closely aligned with his where they existed before and she has schooled herself on those that Bernie had developed more fully. Since Bernie did not create a cult of personality, I have no difficulty in shifting my vote to Jill under the circumstances. I have written here before some of the difficulties I have with Hillary and I am not going to repeat myself. What I responded to the ranter was effectively this.

When Bill Clinton was running for his second term, I voted for Mickey Mouse. My voting for Mickey Mouse did not in any way affect the outcome of that race. I see no reason why my voting for a real person, i.e. Jill Stein or a write-in for Bernie, is likely to cause more damage to Hillary’s chances than it did to Bill’s some 20 years ago. Maybe I’ve become more powerful over those years, but I sincerely doubt it. But I will make one concession, although it might not cheer the ranter, Hillary, or Bernie very much. If it appears that Hillary is likely to lose my state (and that is possible but would speak terribly about her campaign were it to happen), I will leave the presidential entry on the ballot blank. Otherwise, I will vote my conscience, and the coming months will help me decide whether to vote for Jill or Bernie.

So welcome to the conversation, Jill. I’ll be watching you.

4 thoughts on “Thank you, Bernie. Hello, Jill.

  1. Jnana Hodson

    Ralph Nader cost us Supreme Court seats. If Trump wins because of a split vote on the Left, we deserve the tragedy that would befall us. I, for one, won’t side with a suicidal purity.


    1. bhalsop Post author

      You obviously haven’t paid any attention to the academics or the NYT who said that Nader did not cost Gore the election. The NYT put the loss at a number of different places and Nader got none of the blame. Gore ran a terrible campaign and couldn’t even carry his own state. Bush (Jeb) and his warped secretary of elections, or whatever post Katherine Harris had, cost him Florida, and his easy concession to the lack of a recount was the final nail in his coffin. Nader was found to have taken approximately the same number of votes from each caucus, so his effect was minimal. I suggest you do a little more research before buying the Hillary-bots memes.



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