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Selling Your Book In A Post-Factual, Post-Brexit World

The Irish Wonder has written a sample letter for authors to send to publishers. Or maybe it’s a letter for sample authors to send to publishers. Or whatever. It and the comments are worth a read if you are depressed by the news of the world, or not. Have at it.

Tara Sparling writes

Dear Mister Publisher,

I have written the best book. My book will be bigger than the bible. It will make cynics laugh, optimists cry, and toast. Before he died, David Bowie said he wished he had written it.

It is impossible to say what my book is about without revealing a shocking twist which has never ever been done before, so people will have to buy it to find out. Anyone who doesn’t understand my legitimate reasons for secrecy is a potential terrorist.

Book jacket quotes will come from Ellen DeGeneres and the Dalai Lama.  Bono, James Joyce and Donald Trump will offer quotes, but be politely refused. The New York Times  will ask to syndicate it.

Genre doesn’t matter because absolutely everyone will want to read my book. People who haven’t read it will pretend they’ve read it, but get eviscerated at brunch parties for not understanding it properly. They will then pay someone else to go and buy it…

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Hillary and the DNC hack via Guccifer 2

I know that a lot of my followers will not see this otherwise, but here are a bunch of documents from the DNC and you can find them on Guccifer 2’s blog.  You can download the whole database, or you can pick a document to check it out. I did the latter, got the DNC’s assessment of Hillary’s weaknesses, and there are 40+ pages of Clinton Foundation problems. I will be spending some time going through this one document, but you may find others that tickle your fancy. It’s about time we got some of the underlying info about how and why the DNC made Hillary their choice, and neglected all other candidates, no matter what their popularity.



Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC


This’s time to keep my word and here’re the docs I promised you.   It’s not a report in one file, it’s a big folder of docs devoted to Hillary Clinton that I found on t…

Source: Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC

The Stanford Rapist

This will probably be short and caustic, because Brock and Dan Turner have made such a ridiculous mess of this that the presiding judge almost looks sane. Between Brock’s blaming of a party culture and his father’s claim of 20 minutes of action, we have apologists galore for a senseless act of violence and power by an 18 year old athlete who should have had “Privilege” tattooed on his dong.

This young man, had he been taught properly the respect for women that most civilized men know instinctively, would never have felt it was okay to have intercourse with an unconscious woman. On what world do men think that it’s okay? Other, that is, than on Turner World, where “action” doesn’t equal “rape.” American men could learn something from the two Swedish students who came to the victim’s aid and tackled the rapist. They were the only real men on site that night.

The crazy judge worried that the poor boy’s life would be damaged by conviction for three felonies. I would love to hear him say the same if Turner had been black. For a good white boy of privilege, it is unfortunate but not fatal to be convicted of three felonies, but the crusher was having to register as a sex offender. Poor baby! And not a word of remorse or regret for the harm caused an innocent woman. I can hear the cries of outrage. She was drunk!  She asked for it! Bull. She asked for a hangover; what she got was one of the most painful and denigrating experiences a woman could go through at the hands of a supposedly civilized man. She could have had something much worse, had it not been for two men who reacted well and spontaneously to do the right thing.

The heroes of this action are appalled by what they witnessed. The poor victim only knows her story through their eyes. These were the only real men on that scene that night. Brock Turner was a vile little boy, the son of a vile man, who both have no idea how to behave decently in polite society. One’s a criminal, a felon, the other an apologist. Anyone who pays into poor Papa Turner’s legal fund is an immoral enabler of privilege and a denigrater of a woman’s right to safety in a social setting. I hope you’re all proud of yourselves for the disgusting picture you present to people in this country.

End game

It is interesting to watch the Main Stream Media try to get its head around the undercurrents running through America and the Democratic Party since the IG of the State Department released his findings last week. Certain factions that are definitely pro-Hillary have castigated her for the flaws found in the IG’s report, and they seem a little conflicted about what their posture should be to this unluckiest of candidates.

I commend doing a Google search for some combination of “FBI” and “Hillary.” You will find that local or regional newspapers and magazines are much more interested in publishing what is going on than the big members of the MSM. According to several of these offerings, the White House is on alert for the next shoe to drop, making inquiries of its supporters about possible endgames to this troubling saga. The most suggested outcome is a convention naming Joe Biden as the nominee with Elizabeth Warren as his veep.

Many speculate on what Obama will do, and most come down on the side of allowing the investigation to take its course, including indictments if they are warranted. Nobody wants the Democratic nominee to be facing indictments during the race, although Fox News has contributed a poll that suggests that 71% of Democrats surveyed would have no problem with voting for Hillary if she’s indicted. This has caused great consternation among the commentators, although Bernie supporters have seen the irrational devotion of many of Hillary’s supporters over the past several months.

Only one brave soul has suggested that the Democratic Party somehow owes it to Bernie to allow him to be the nominee. This doesn’t surprise me. The general antipathy of the Third Way Democrats toward Bernie and his supporters is that which one would expect of a dying regime. Imagine Marie Antoinette on the guillotine. Bernie represents such a break with the status quo that he looks positively alien to the corporatists in charge of the party now. Those who have claimed that the separation between Bernie and Hillary is greater than that between Hillary and Trump are quite close to the truth. Neither Hillary nor Trump is interested in any reins on unbridled capitalism. Unfortunately, the American people seem to be with Bernie on this one.

We are living through remarkable times. Winds of change may well blow gale force if an indictment is issued. Who the nominee is who arises from these ashes will tell us how violent the revolution will have to be.