UPDATE: The Oregon Primary Strikes Back!

I went to college in Portland a raccoon’s age ago and was surprised at the numbers. And then John did what I have been calling due diligence, and guess what? The MSM is once again not telling the truth. Oregon is indeed Vermont’s cousin in the West!

The Writing of John Laurits

OREGON PRIMARIES STRIKE BACKGreetings, my beloved friends! I have a special treat for you, today — and it has to do with the real numbers of the Oregon Primary that took place on Tuesday, the 17th.

First, a Bit About
How This Article Happened

I know that many of us (me included) felt somewhat disappointed by the Oregon results — we had hoped to win a bit bigger there. Indeed, I expected us to! Alas –! On the night of the 17th, around 60% of the vote was reported very quickly (those were the earlier mailed-in ballots) — then, we watched as the percent of the reported votes crawled slowly up to around 92%, at which point I collapsed from exhaustion around 4:30am. The next day, our numbers continued to rise (but at a snails pace!) until the Associated Press was reporting that we had won Oregon with about 56% of the…

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