Wyoming joins the crowd!

I suppose I shouldn’t celebrate too much. It’s a western state and a caucus which means the MSM will dis it completely. Bernie spent the day in NYC, holding rallies that attracted bunches of people, while Hillary was upstate raising more money from the well-to-do. I got in some money and so Bernie got his $27. He gets the first money in my checks, then the cats, and then food for me. If there’s any left over, I might buy a book or two, but that seems like a luxury while Bernie is a necessity.

The fundamental reason I support Bernie is that he is the first politician in a long time not to take money from the monetary elite, the ones who run this country in an oligarchy. The Clintons are part of that with their machine funded by Wall Street, Monsanto, Saudi Arabia and others. Monsanto has sued my tiny state because we are the only ones with the cojones to pass a GMO labeling law without wiggle room. It goes into effect in a few months, and some of the big companies are going to start labeling, but not Monsanto.

Monsanto is probably responsible for two of my cats getting bizarre forms of cancer within a very short time of each other, both dying withing three weeks of each other because of contact with Round-up. Round-up has been labeled as probably carcinogenic by the World Health Organization. This has not been widely reported by the MSM because Monsanto is a big player in the oligarchy. Hillary lost my vote, even if she is the nominee, because of her connections with Monsanto. There are plenty of other reasons, but that’s the big one.

So Wyoming, another tiny state, at least population wise,  has stood with Bernie against Hillary and so I applaud them. I wish Hillary would drop out for the good of the liberals, both Democratic and independent, who will otherwise be placed in the position of not voting for her. Her negatives are just too high. Without us, she cannot win. It is her sense of entitlement that keeps her in this race. She cares only for her ambition to be president. This has been painfully clear when her campaign put out the message that she was taking off the gloves, and going to fight to disqualify and defeat Bernie in any way necessary and look for unity thereafter. What unity can she possibly expect if she turns ugly, as she did in 2008, when Bernie’s youthful supporters will not join her? Many of Bernie’s older supporters, like me, will also not support her.

One of my favorite fantasies, in fact, is that Vermont will write-in Bernie, and Hillary will be deprived of our measly three electoral votes.I doubt that enough will do it, but wouldn’t it be loverly? (with apologies to “My Fair Lady”)


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