Losing patience?

Hillary is losing patience with Bernie, or so she says. Excuse while I chortle. Her campaign has done everything it can to trash Bernie at every step of the way, and she’s the one losing patience? Have at it, Hillary, because you won’t look any better being nasty, if what’s come before is your sweet.

It started with the ridiculous debate schedule. In spite of the pundits and their claims that she’s a great debater, the internet has decided that Bernie has won every debate so far. The mainstream media has picked up the narrative of Hillary’s excellence as a debater, ignoring the groundswell of public opinion in the other direction. Of course, very few people watched the debates since they were placed at such inconvenient times.

Then there was the weekend when both Hillary and Chelsea gave speeches, in New Hampshire, no less, in which they claimed that Bernie was against ChIP and Medicare, since he was going to wipe them out with his own plan. This was so misleading as to cause howls from anyone who had read Bernie’s position papers.  It backfired on them, but was indicative of the tortuous reading they gave to Bernie’s plans.

Next, she decided to put out her college plan to compete with Bernie’s. While he offered Bachelor level degrees in his plan, Hillary would only stump for community colleges, and they would not be free. Poor students would pay for their education with work-study programs. Notice how Hillary’s plan again creates a two-tier system, one in which poor students have to do twice the work to get the same benefit as the wealthier students.

Hillary is now opposed to climate change. This is a lesson she learned from Bernie, too, although she’ll never admit it. It’s very hard to make a credible case for being against climate change when you spent four years traveling the world, impressing on developing countries the benefits of fracking, as if using a slightly cleaner fossil fuel is the answer to four hundred years of using coal and other dirty fuels. Of course she’s now against the TPP, after having called it the gold standard in treaties for the past several years.

Could her loss of patience have anything to do with Bernie’s recent streak of wins? Good grief, even the Democrats Abroad were strongly for Bernie.

If anyone should have lost patience, it should be Bernie. Hillary has ripped off his positions, dumbed them down a little, and offered them as her great experience-driven takes on the subjects involved. Bull pucky. Bernie was right about the Iraq war, and right about our treaty with Panama. Hillary has apologized for the first. It will be very interesting to see what the Panama Papers reveal as more is disclosed. Can you say private server? Can you say speeches to Wall St. firms? Hillary has so much more work to do before she’s earned the right to lose patience with Bernie.

What do you think? Please comment!

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