My friends on the East Coast could learn much from this and the author’s other stories of coyotes.

Running up that Hill with Dogs

A friend, co-worker, from school was hiking with Molly and me going down a barren rocky slope in the chaparral. My friend, who was behind me, hissed, and I turned to see him point to his left. My eyes turned and Molly turned her head in the direction my friend had pointed.

It was the first of many times I shared a hill with a coyote.

I understand that coyotes can be dangerous. They are known to attack, kill and eat  domestic dogs and cats. My friend Melanie nearly lost one of her dogs to a coyote, Shelby, one of two rat terriers who were also Lupo’s best friends and hiking pals. Shelby was fine after her ordeal, but Melanie was traumatized. Though coyotes rarely attack people, people exacerbate the coyote danger by feeding them, enticing them to come close, or leaving their trash on the borderlands between their and…

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