Monthly Archives: February 2016

Super Tuesday and Bernie

I’m writing this the day before Super Tuesday because I want to share a video with you and to tell you that I’ve already voted, as we are allowed to do in Vermont. The video is by a Hawaiian singer/songwriter who uses the stage name Makana. His video is an anthem to Bernie and is called  #Fire is Ours. I urge you to watch it, for it’s powerful music in a powerful video. He has another video, which you can find at the same site, an anthem for the Occupy movement, called “We Are the Many” that will remind everyone of Phil Ochs in the 60s.

It is important that we all get out to vote. I voted early because Bernie needs me volunteering in his office on Tuesday. And then there’s the big party tomorrow night at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds, where we will watch the returns, and celebrate the man who has brought light to many darkened souls this election season. The news will be good if there is a large turnout, and this is my plea to you all, especially the millennials. Rallies are all well and good, but now is the time to walk the walk and get to the polls. Without you, we are lost. So drag everyone you know to the polls with the express purpose of Berning the country!

And please, buy Makana’s music. He deserves the thanks of all of us in Bernie-Nation.