Trump, the Idiot

I am not alone in finding the rants and idiocies of Donald Trump offensive and unAmerican. I will chime in for a short period, but much has already been said that doesn’t need to be repeated.

First, has he ever read the Constitution? Does he understand that the oath of office for the presidency requires dedication and adherence to the terms of that document? Does he understand that freedom of religion is the first right in the Bill of Rights? His idea to ban Muslims, even American citizen Muslims who travel abroad, from entry to the this country is purely and simply unconstitutional. And it smacks of Nazi Germany, Hitler, and all those other memes that get flaunted to easily in the hyperventilation of discourse in this country. But here it’s apt. There may not be a gold star on coats to identify the unwanted ones, but his ideas are as toxic as the Nazi scheme for extermination of the Jews.

Second, his claim that FDR did something as bad when he interned Japanese Americans and others during the second world war is amazing. If there is one official act, other than slavery, of the US government that is now uniformly condemned, it is the internment of citizens of this country because of their country of origin during a time of war. We did something nearly as bad after 9/11 with the Patriot Act, but we’re too close to it to see how insane that particular piece of legislation is. Wikileaks and Edward Snowden have shown us precisely how unAmerican the US government has been in implementing that act.

The dog whistles in Trump’s speeches have been noted before by the pundits as worrisome. What has now happened is much worse than that. What Trump has said actually helps Daesh (the so-called Islamic State) in its war of terror against Islam and the rest of the world. It confirms what Daesh has been claiming from the beginning, that the western world is anti-Islam. Trump’s most recent tone-deaf blatherings are in fact anti-Islam, and he is the leading contender for the Republican nomination for president. The world is listening in horror to him. His pandering to a small segment of the Republican right was acceptable, if appalling, when his words didn’t affect foreign affairs. Now he has gone too far.

I suggest that Trump’s current actions amount to treason. Legally, treason has been committed when one gives “aid and comfort” to an enemy. We are, heaven forfend, in a war against terror, and Daesh is our current target of choice. While Trump may not have been trying to comfort Daesh, he certainly aided it by proving that some Americans at least intend to enact laws that are anti-Islam. No one in a position of authority is likely to say that Trump has committed treason by interfering with the war we are waging against terror because no one wants to arrest him and antagonize a specific segment of the population whose care for the constitution has been suspect for some time.

No one has the balls to do anything about it except act appalled and upset. It’s a shame, and I don’t particularly want to give aid and comfort to the Republicans, but the arrest of Trump for treason would go a long way to obliterate the harm he has done. It would also save the Republicans from themselves, but that can’t be helped. Enough, already, with the complaints. Act, damnit!

3 thoughts on “Trump, the Idiot

  1. Martha Kennedy

    I have mixed feelings about the internment of Japanese during WW II. I’ve had Japanese/American friends over the years who said they believed it was for their own safety. They’d already suffered war-fueled anti-Japanese racism on the streets of LA. Some of the Japanese who were interred at Hart Mountain in Wyoming stayed in Montana because it was like Hokaido, from where they had emigrated in the first place. There’s no way to generalize human experience and war is not rational. As Paul Fussell described it, it’s mass-hysteria on an international level.

    In a Trump-World we’d be obliged to inter Muslims for their own protection. I have not forgotten how, after Sept. 11, 2001, Chaldean shop-owners, immigrants were attacked just because they were Middle Eastern. The attackers never bothered to find out that these people were Christian and had fled Iraq for their lives…

    Hitler is held up as the one and only racist MoFo — he wasn’t; there were plenty others during those years including Tojo, Stalin, Mussolini, who were just as evil. To me it’s important that people remember that this is a human trait, not just Hitler’s trait. It’s something (I believe) we all must guard against, not only in our societies but in ourselves.

    I believe the Patriot Act was an act of treason. I think everyone’s waiting for Trump to blow himself up with his mouth, but what if that fails? 😦

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    1. bhalsop Post author

      While I think there may have been a small component of “safety” in the internment, I think George Takei’s new play in NYC on the internments is the more usual response to this awful act. Can you see us interning gays because of hate? I just don’t think it’s a constitutional reaction to a problem.

      And Trump won’t blow himself up with his mouth. He’s just parroting what the uninformed and frightened right wing is saying. They’ll stick with him to the end. The real problem is that there is no one of character running for the Republican nomination that can be the refuge for the anti-Trumps. It’s just Dumb and Dumber.

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      1. Martha Kennedy

        War suspends the Constitution and the motives of people in the 40s during war are beyond my abilities to judge. I don’t think Gays wandering around right now are comparable to Japanese wandering around LA during WW II. George Takei’s response is post hoc and peace time. The question of the internment of Japanese in WW II is “Should there have been a war?” a moot point because there was and the hatred Japanese felt toward Americans was as profound as our hatred of them. How can I judge that? I can’t.


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