Big Papi––Newest member of the 500 HR club!

I haven’t written much about my Red Sox lately, but today is a RED LETTER DAY!!!! Big Papi, one of the greatest hitters of all time, has hit his 500th home run and is one of only 27 players in the history of baseball in America to reach that august level. It is a wonderful feat, and I am giddy with it.

After my moaning earlier in the summer, it is wonderful that this has occurred, and in fact the Red Sox have been playing giant-killers lately. As all of the teams still in contention come through Fenway Park, the Red Sox have played the spoiler role, beating up on teams that need a win, scoring at will. all of the things we expected earlier in the summer. They have been a delight to watch without the stress of being in contention.

So I write this post to have a record of my seeing of this great feat, in this strangest of all seasons, and as fall begins to hint at descending on us in the great green (for now) north.

What do you think? Please comment!

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