The paperback is now available but the ebook must wait another week!

Go figure. The paperback is now available but the ebook was placed on presale and I am bound by that date, 9/18. I am talking, of course, about Ascension of Peary. All of this indie publishing is new to me, and it seems to have taken on an aura of unreality. I wanted the books to be available on the same day, but amazon waits for no man or woman. It cautioned me to upload the manuscript to CreateSpace a full ten days before the requested date for publication. I did so, and the only problem was the one logo in the book, the publisher’s imprint. It was, I was told solemnly, less than 200 dpi. No assurances could be made that it would print properly. I was advised to upload a more dense image. Bullpucky. The image was more than 300 dpi, their standard, and the fact that they claimed it was less than 200 dpi probably had something to do with the fact that the logo is the outline of letters. Here:logo on transparentIt is a transparency and a .png file, which apparently causes them fits.  But as you can see, it’s plenty dense.

Then I had to wait for the proof. And wait. I ordered it 2-day on a Friday night, and they told me it was shipped on Saturday, 2-day, as I had requested it. Sunday and Monday didn’t count because of the holiday. The way I figure it, I should have had it Wednesday, but I got it Thursday late. I reviewed it three times as they advised, and approved it very late Thursday night or very early this morning. They assured me it would take them 3-5 business days to build the page for the book.

So how did it go live in less than two hours? A friend tells me she has ordered it in England, but of course that doesn’t show up on my dashboard yet. I feel as if I’m in a terrible limbo, and I’ve read nothing about this from other writers. Or else I’ve ignored it. I’m sure I’ll find some site where all this is explained in precise detail; why couldn’t I find it anywhere before?

Murphy’s Law is in full force and effect. I will wallow in uncertainty and then misery as the book doesn’t sell. Such is life. Then I will sit down and write the bejeezus out of the two books currently on my plate. I have no idea which will inspire me the most, but something will happen, I will write again, and try this silly process again until I get it right.

2 thoughts on “The paperback is now available but the ebook must wait another week!

  1. bhalsop Post author

    Add to that the fact that the book was ordered abroad and any number of quirks in the system could have the electrons on that side of the ocean not communicating with electrons on this side, a different frequency or something. Bah, humbug!



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