Ascension of Peary

My first book, Ascension of Peary, has been up loaded to KDP and is available here for pre-sale. The actual date of availability is September 18. CreateSpace and I are working on getting the paperback ready, and I expect to get my proof in the next few days. Once I tell them it’s all hunky-dory, they will push buttons, and fire up their gizmo, and start preparing the book, I have asked them to make it available on September 18 also, but your guess is as good as mine whether it will be available before that date or not. It will in all likelihood be available on that date, since I doubt they will screw up the proof at all.

I am still writing. I actually have a few in progress right now. The two most likely contenders for next book are: Fantastical Trips, which I had as my cover page for the first year of this blog, and nearly threw away in disgust this past June; and a prequel to Ascension of Peary which occurs some thirty five years before that book in an entirely different part of the empire. I haven’t named the second book yet, or rather it has two names, neither of which is suitable for the book as it is developing.

Fantastical Trips is being completely rewritten, which is a good thing. It bore too many of the hallmarks of a first novel, weak characterization, sloppy story-telling, amateur writing, and unappealing dialogue. Having made it through the process with Ascension of Peary, I have learned a lot more about the craft and the inadvisability to try only editing as a cure for Fantastical Trips’ numerous ailments. Only a fresh start seems to offer what this manuscript needs. I’m only ten thousand words into it, but the characters are already more lively and interesting than they ever were in the prior iteration. Rather than rushing into the primary conflict in the story, and rushing to its conclusion, I am taking the time to develop the world and its inhabitants through action and dialogue. No guaranties, but it already reads more smoothly, and is more entertaining. Whether that’s enough remains to be seen.

The prequel to Ascension does not involve any of the characters from Ascension unless there is a brief appearance of the third emperor’s son at some point in the latter reaches of this tale. That remains a possibility. Instead, I’m giving the origin story of some individuals who will show up in the sequel to Ascension, so that they don’t appear suddenly out of whole cloth when I write the sequel.

So in some sense, I have three books in progress, with the two sequels already planned and partially written for Fantastical Trips also waiting in the background. This ignores the steampunk murder mystery I have partially written and almost completely figured out which will see the light of day someday. I expect to be busy, which means I will likely not be blogging quite so much.  But, dear readers, I will do my best to keep you apprised of my works in process as they come to the fore.

I hope you read Ascension of Peary. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on it and whether you want more. Advice will be gratefully accepted as each volume comes to its own publication date. I honestly don’t care whether you buy or borrow the book or books, but I hope you find them entertaining enough that you want to have your own copy. I also hope you will recognize the target audiences for my work, generally between twelve and eighteen, and will offer it to those you know in that age group. I should add that a precocious nine year old boy has been reading some of The Ascension of Peary and has been delighted by it. He is always asking for more, and he will shortly have his own copy.

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