Bernie Sanders and the dream of a politician

Do you dream of a politician that talks about the things that you think are important, like the climate, the economy, Social Security, civil rights, the horrendous income and wealth inequality in this country? Do you hate negative ads and the cult of personality that so often accompanies a presidential election? Are you tired of politicians telling you there is “no political will” to do what needs to be done?

There is a political revolution beginning, and we can all climb on board. Imagine that dream politician speaking of the issues you care about, refusing to engage in the silliness between candidates that was so evident in the Republican debates a week ago. No sniping, no badmouthing with lies and innuendos. No temper tantrums and false offense. Just the facts and the issues.

As a Vermonter, I am proud to support Bernie Sanders in his campaign for the democratic nomination for president. He is my dream candidate. I may disagree with him on one or two points, but in the main he is speaking my language, my hopes and dreams. He is not playing the games of politicians past, with jostling and nitpicking to differentiate himself from others. He simply and forthrightly talks about issues, not personalities, he proposes specific solutions along with how to pay for them, and he tells us we can win if we rise together. This is a revolution I happily have joined. Wouldn’t it be nice if politicians always addressed the issues?

What do you think? Please comment!

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