The writing saga continues

As I said in my last post, I’ve been writing a new story in two versions from the perspective of the two major characters. It is the origin story for griffins on the world I created in Ascension of Peary (more about that below). I took the first chapter from each version into my writers workshop with the hope that my friends could help me decide which version to pursue. They, of course, gave me the answer that I didn’t expect. They suggested that I combine them into one with separate chapters for each character. That’s what I’ve been doing today, and it was going smoothly until I hit a chapter that should be labeled both. I guess I have some rewriting to do.

Also in the last post, I was bemoaning the fact that I had five WIPs and no inspiration on any of them. I thought at the time it was the sequel to Ascension of Peary, but it appears that the griffin story is drawing my imagination. The baby griffins are awfully cute. The story involves their rescue by two twelve year olds and a few adults and their assistance in solving a double missing person case. It’s not coming quite as easily as Peary, but at least it’s moving.

Speaking of Peary, it is still at the editor, and the first feedback I’ve gotten is that it is going more slowly than she expected based on the sample I sent her. Apparently she has some concerns about word usage and language. I suspect part of it is my tendency to use words not in general parlance. I have a larger vocabulary than many people, and certainly larger than most mid-grade and YA readers. As my workshop mates have said before, it tends to take one out of the story to have to run to the dictionary three times on a page. If that is all, I can fix it. What she doesn’t know is that I’ve already fixed it once for the same issue on the advice of my beta reader. I even changed some words after that in my final read-through before I sent it on to the editor. Oh, dear. What have I let myself in for?

2 thoughts on “The writing saga continues

  1. FairytaleFeminista

    In my opinion, you can get away with using unique or arcane words if you make it part of a character’s personality. Maybe the character is from another time. Perhaps the character likes using words that make him feel smarter or makes others look stupid. Or it could be part of the character’s make-up (I have a professor of ancient magic in one of my stories and he can only speak in rhyme). Personally, I love a word that sends me to the dictionary, but I’m a bit of a word geek.

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  2. bhalsop Post author

    Unfortunately that’s not the case in my writing. I don’t think any of my characters are likely to use the words I used. I suspect the editor is caviling because my narrator is a 17 year old girl and she’s not likely to know the words.



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