Final Read Through

Today I am doing the final read through of Ascension of Peary before sending it to the editor. I’ve been through all my beta’s comments, accepted most but not all, and now I’m reading for missing words, homophones, dialog tags, etc. All the annoying things my editor should catch, but shouldn’t have to.

I really want to get this sent off because I’ve started two other stories. One is a steampunk mystery, but I haven’t figured out a few steps yet, and it’s harder to do mystery by the seat of one’s pants. The other started as a short story on the same world as Ascension of Peary. It is, after all, an empire with 100 duchies, principalities and states in it. I figured I could write a short story and give it away free to whet people’s appetite for Peary. I’m not sure I’m constitutionally able to write a short story. I start with a suitably tiny idea and it grows like a weed as I sleep. I’m now thinking that short story I started is at least a novella.

I suspect it takes more self-control to write a short story than I have currently available to me. Maybe come winter, but now it’s summer, and ice cream season, and that is fatal to my sense of self-control.

Ascension of Peary is available for pre-order on Kindle, with a publication date of September 18. In case you’re interested. No picture is available there, but you can see the cover (minus the blurb) on my home page.

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