My book is nearly finished!

I have written 4,000 of the projected 8,000 words to bring my book, Ascension of Peary, to an end. It will rest for two days and then I will edit this last part. It then goes to my beta reader, and my editor when I get it back from the beta reader. My projected publish date is September 18 on Amazon both for kindle and for trade paperback.

I workshopped with my buddies at the Burlington Writers Workshop last Wednesday. and they liked it but wanted it more literary. Then I told them that I was projecting it for ages 12 to 18. That changed the whole atmosphere, and we discussed the possibility of workshopping it with kids. We did not think that would work, so I went home in a bit of a funk.

I got an email about an hour later, with the subject “Your first Young Adult fan.” It turns out one of the participants got home and found her 9 year old was still awake. She decided to read him the first five or six pages of the 34 I had produced. He made her read it all, and then asked her to go download more. When she said there was no more to download, she quotes him as saying “That was amazing! I need to hear more. It’s so awesome. I can’t wait to hear what happens when she turns 18!” My first review! Admittedly for only a tiny piece, but it was good for my ego. I’ve sent her another 4000 words to share with him on the drive to his grandmother’s house, and we’ll see if he’s still enthralled.

Even better, another member of the group has two granddaughters at the lower end of my age spectrum. She will be sharing with them, and I will wait with bated breath to hear their response.

I’m so excited!

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