Change in plans progress

As I told you some time ago, I was placing my first book on the “resting” pile because of my dissatisfaction with my writing of it. Instead I turned to a book I had started during a prior rest of the first, and found that it was much closer to completion than I thought. Aha! The first part has been beta read with hopeful reviews. The second part will be sent out this week, closely follwoed by the third part. The editor should have it by the end of July or beginning of August, and she has proved very efficient!

Dare I hope that there will be a publication in the fall? I have been the boy who cried wolf for the last year. This product is much superior to the one I was hoping for last year. Why? Because, funny thing, the more one writes, the better one gets. Some authors say that you need to write a million words before you can call yourself a novelist. I’m not close to that. I’m probably checking in somewhere between 300,000  and 500,000, many of them on this blog. There are some in what will be the third and fourth book of the series that arises from the poor first book that was sitting on my home page for six months or more. They won’t see the light of day unless I can rescue my poor Fantastical Trips.

The new one has a working title of Wandering Ways, but I’m hoping my beta and I can work out something a little more exciting. The story does include a lot of wandering but that is neither necessary nor sufficient to include it in the title.  I think that Peary Does Magic is too infantile. As I am writing this at 5 am after no sleep, I doubt I can trust my imagination to throw up something palatable or even sane.

Before I get too silly, I ought to bring this to a close. But the future is looking a little brighter, if not enough to break out the shades.

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