Ting cellular service

I know this is going to sound very strange, but for all my American followers who have cell phones, TING is a deal for people who don’t use theirs much. I’ve had them for several months now and I’m very satisfied. With a used smartphone, I signed up and my bill averages less than $25 a month, with no start-up cost. You get a certain number of minutes, messages and internet usage for a flat fee, and if you go over, you’ll know exactly what the next level is and how much more you have till it goes up again. I’ve gone over the minutes once and over the internet once, but it’s ridiculously inexpensive if you’re not a heavy user.

From now until 11:59pm ET on Monday, June 8, the Ting Refer a Friend program is offering you $100 to try Ting mobile phone service. If you sign up and activate a phone, I’ll also receive a $50 credit and yes, once you join Ting, you’ll be able to refer your friends too.

zini6c3f639.ting.com. That’s my unique referral URL and the key to this offer. Click through and you’ll receive $100 off select phones in the Ting shop or a $100 credit if you bring your own phone to Ting.

Speaking of which, the phone you already own will probably work with Ting. Go to the Ting compatibility checker to find out for sure.

You can find Ting by googling it. There you will have all you need to figure out if you can use it and if it will work for you. The coverage is pretty good, but not perfect. Whose is? But if you already have a smartphone you can probably use it with a SIM from Ting. What have you got to lose? Look it up!

What do you think? Please comment!

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