Bernie Sanders and the MSM

Just a few thoughts on my favorite Senator Bernie Sanders and the way he is ignored by the main stream media. Bernie has been a blessing for Vermont for the past 30 years, and we are willing to share him with the nation. With Bernie, wysiwig. What you see is what you get. He is, in a sense, boring (I know, let me finish) because he is saying now what he has been saying for all those 30 years. The takeover of America by the moneyed class, the loss of a middle class, the destruction of the environment, the banks too big to fail, these have been his mantras in one form or another from day one of his elected life in this fair state.

The mainstream media doesn’t like him because he’s honest and consistent. Where’s the fun in that in gotcha news? Even more important, he is comprehensible, which puts him one step ahead of his colleagues in Congress and the residents of the Republican Clown Car. There is no inconsistent video or tape of him, because  he is as unchangeable as the sun. In order to get any interest out of Bernie, they have to report on his ideas, which are not soundbites, or watered down for the dumb class.

And the most amazing thing about all of this is that Bernie is raising money, quickly, from a young and involved electorate. This is one way in which people can show their support through the coming thirteen or fourteen months. Join in the giving at  Please realize that donations as small as $5 or $10 are appreciated as much as the higher donors. In fact, his first $1.5 million was raised by gifts that averaged $43. I am on my own version of the installment plan. When I have money, I send it, even if it is only $5 or $10 because it mounts up overtime.

Please join us for a roller coaster ride toward prosperity for all!

What do you think? Please comment!

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