Apartments and me

The apartment saga has just gotten silly. The only apartments left to rent cost in the area of $1100+ and are way outside my means. The difficulty in renting is, of course, my four cats. People say two are okay, but four is too many. How do they know that? The worst I can say about having four (other than the expense) is that four cats  chasing one fly are funnier than only two.

But I got some strangely positive news this past week, and not something I ever expected. I am now sufficiently poor that I qualify for subsidized senior housing. Unfortunately, there’s an 18-36 month wait, depending on which facility I want to enter. There are some that are fantastic, but they’re of course the longer wait. And I can’t find it in me to hope that the older persons fail enough to need to go into higher care facilities. So I sit and wait.

Of course, the problem with being this poor is that any success if and when I ever publish may make me ineligible for the subsidized housing. Every silver lining has a touch of gray! Publication of anything is off until the end of the summer at the earliest. I am currently finishing an unrelated book to the one I’ve been touting, but I am also (don’t faint) actually starting to rewrite Fantastical Times. So who knows? I may publish next fall, and I may not.

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