Apartments and books and other things.

I found another apartment that I really like and saw it last Wednesday. The landlord and I had a long talk in which I was totally honest with him. First, I told him that my current landlord is making scurrilous comments about me, my cats, and our respective cleanliness. His comments have cost me two apartments, but this one is in many respects the best. So then I told the landlord that I had 4 cats, which is true. He blanched. I then did my best to settle his concerns, but knew it was a stretch. We had a very nice conversation, and I left with minimal hope. He kept refreshing his ad on Craig’s List to bring it closer to the front, so I emailed him and indicated that I would give a nonrefundable deposit for the cats. Not having heard anything, I called him on Monday, and he indicated that he had not rejected me as a tenant, but wanted to show it for a few more days. I am now hedging my bets.

I go to look at two more apartments this week by Saturday. If one of those comes through, I will give him one more chance, and then go with the bird in the hand. Assuming I can stand one of the apartments.

Books are also problematic. I was planning to publish my book Fantastical Trips very soon. I have had a change of heart. It is not up to snuff. There may still be a story there, but this is not the writing with which to tell it. I had been letting it sit this month, planning on workshopping it one last time the first week in June. During the first couple of weeks of this month, I have been happily pottering away at another story I started last September. It had about 60 thousand words in it, and I wondered if it could be wrestled into something. I reread it, and immediately wrote the next 2500 words in the story. It is a much better written tale than Fantastical Trips, with better characterizations, better action, and a more devious plot. It needs work, but I will finish it in the next two weeks. I will go back, add more description, and send it off to beta readers. I have therefore cancelled the workshop on Fantastical Trips, and put it away. For how long? No idea. My heart says it’s dead, but my head says I can resurrect it.

Therefore, in the next month or so, I may have to change the complete look of this blog. The working title of the current WIP is Wandering Ways, which is descriptive of the story, but not a very exciting title. This is something I will have to think on, especially in redesigning the blog. But I have determined one thing from all of this. I want to write. I am learning the craft slowly. I cannot rush to publication with an inadequate piece of work, just for the sake of being a published author. But I also have to have faith that the stories I tell will find a home somewhere. I just hope it’s not in short stories!

But I must be mindful of one thing. I am now a month to month tenant in my current apartment. The landlord (the guy who lies about me) can evict me without cause with sixty days notice. It is a sword hanging over me.

2 thoughts on “Apartments and books and other things.

  1. Susannah

    You’ve been faced with some tough decisions here, but you’re clearly doing a good job of dealing with the difficulties and making your choices. Courage. The good thing about difficult times is that they don’t last forever. As the Buddhists say, “Everything changes.” Hang in there!

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  2. Martha Kennedy

    The danger in our current world of self-publishing is “Publish in haste, repent at leisure.” If you feel that way about your book, you’re probably right — time will tell and it will also tell you how to fix it when you go back after some time to look at it again. Also, in this world of self-publishing there’s nothing particularly meaningful (except subjectively, to you) about being a “published” author. As you are gleaning from your experience, it’s far more important to be a good writer. I hope you find the apartment that will make you happy and will give you the environment you need for work you want to do.

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