Didn’t get the apartment!

The apartment I last wrote about also did not come through. It appears my current landlord is giving me bad reviews, I suspect in an effort to keep me. But this hardly seems fair, does it? He tells me that all he says is that my rent has always been paid on time, and that there have been no complaints against me. What do you think? This is the second apartment I have lost in two weeks. And both the new landlords had my current landlord’s phone number. Is it as fishy to you as it is to me?

3 thoughts on “Didn’t get the apartment!

  1. Martha Kennedy

    Maybe it has nothing to do with your current landlord. Anyway, I’d want laundry and parking. I didn’t think plenty of storage canceled those out at all. Hang in there. You’ll find “the” place.

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  2. Susannah

    I agree; I think you’re probably better off getting laundry and parking. Going without those two commodities could wind up being enough of a pain to force you to move again just to have them. I’m sure something will turn up that has everything you’re looking for. Fingers still crossed!

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  3. bhalsop Post author

    Burlington is difficult to rent in because there are so many students, many of whom have very well-heeled parents willing to pay top dollar. As a result, rents are through the roof. To get parking and laundry, I would probably have to pay in excess of $1000, which is not in the cards for this year, or ever, if I don’t publish a sellable book.



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