I Found an Apartment!!!

I will be moving the first week of june to a lovely apartment with two major drawbacks and so many good points that they outweigh the bad. There is no parking and no laundry. BUT you should see the storage in this apartment. What is the biggest complaint about small apartments? No place to put anything. This is a very high ceilinged apartment. Think of your average kitchen with cupboards on the bottom and cupboards above the counters. Imagine a second tier of cupboards above the first above the counters. Yup, I have that much storage in the kitchen.

In the bedroom, I looked in the closet and didn’t see a dowel for holding hanging clothes. WTF? The landlord asked me to look to my left (my natural political bent) and there it was, front to back. It is as long as the bar in my current closet. What it gives is the floor room for my two dressers, and two lovely shelves above the dressers for sweaters to stay fluffy. The shelves will even allow me to rotate out the long sleeved shirts for summer, and the t-shirts for winter.

But wait, there’s more. There’s an opening further along the wall into an odd shaped closet, L-shaped in fact. The bottom bar of the L goes under the staircase outside the apartment, so that it is low ceilinged. But there is room in that closet for a number of the large plastic bins one can buy at discount stores all over the country. I can get organized! I can find a home for miscellaneous stuff I’m not ready to get rid of yet.Β  I have a place to put cat boxes!

I intend to move on June 5, so I may be incommunicado for a few days around then. And the landlord is cool with four cats! I’m in heaven.

6 thoughts on “I Found an Apartment!!!

  1. Susannah

    How wonderful for you! You must be so excited to have found such a great apartment; not to mention that all four cats are welcome. Congratulations!

    And don’t forget to keep us posted once you’re settled in.


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