Apartment hunting

Yes, I’m apartment hunting, even though I have lived in my current apartment for only 13 months. My landlord is evicting the 75 year old woman from the downstairs apartment and is planning on renting to college students after rehabbing the place. I have two issues with this. First, I have no desire to spend the summer above a construction site. I am a busy writer, and would find the noise unbearable. Second, the idea of three college students under me chills me to the marrow. I moved into this apartment in part to get away from the student ghetto in which I was living. (A very secondary reason. The primary reason was to get away from a landlord who, although obligated, did not clear the ice from the walkway for the full three months following my fall on the ice that resulted in a badly broken arm.)

I have found what looks to be a wonderful place, a bit smaller than I would like, but I can afford to downsize again. I make this determination from looking at the pictures of the apartment. I will not see it until tomorrow night. I have communicated with the landlord, who allows cats in his apartments (yeah!) and who thinks the apartment will go fast. This may be wishful thinking on his part, but the location and quality of the apartment lead me to believe otherwise. He says the applicant who first gets him a deposit check wins. Needless to say, I have that check squirreled away in my pocketbook as I write. He requires a bank check or a money order, and i have such a check.

To the extent possible I have dotted all my “i”s and crossed all my “t”s. Now I just have to hope. I am eager not only for the location but also for the large kitchen with the new fridge and stove, with room for a table. Heaven on earth! Wish me luck!

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