Cats, books and other things

I have to admit that I am the proud human to four cats. All under the age of three, they manage to tear around my small apartment like a tornado, interfering with my second role, the writer of fantasy books. I use the plural form of the word “book” because I have six in process as well as two that I have written sketches about but haven’t started the actual writing of. And I mustn’t forget the one or two prequels of five of the books I’m working on.

Needless to say the concatenation of books and cats is a common meme, particularly in George Booth cartoons. His work could well be the humorous representation of parts of my life. I have a sweatshirt showing a cat swooning on a stack of books. The words are “Books. Cats. Life is good.” But he never to my recollection did one of a writer with cats. (Please feel free to disabuse me of this notion, as I would love to see his take on the issue.)

My cats have visited a number of calamities on me over the brief course of my writing career. Among them, the destruction of one computer, the deletion of a day’s work on one book, and the eating of a document that I needed to take with me to the Burlington Writers Workshop, among many other significant and insignificant atrocities. This is why I have made them characters in some of my stories. I somehow think I am appeasing the cat gods by doing this.

It is not the cat’s fault (I wish it were!) But the publication of Fantastical Trips is now put off, probably until June. I’ll keep you informed.

2 thoughts on “Cats, books and other things

  1. Susannah

    Cats. Books. Gotta love ’em! I’m sorry to hear that your publication date is backed up a bit, but I’m sure that’s just how the publishing business goes. Must be a bit hard on the nerves, though.

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