Well, not to get too complacent about things, I have decided to merge the first two books into one. The reason is simply that otherwise, the first would probably only qualify as a novella. I want my readers to get as much of the story as possible as soon as possible, and this clears the decks for the two sequels that I know will follow reasonably quickly. And then the two after that are still planned and half written. I know, I know, you’ve heard it before. But it is back in my hands and I will now be making my decisions as I originally planned to do.

I am very near to the point where I can have a friend proofread it, at the same time that another friend does the beta read. Between two (or possibly three) sets of additional eyes, I hope we find all the typos. My typing has gotten a little sloppy as my fingers can’t keep up with the words flowing from my noggin. I am happy the words are flowing again, however, and will not object to a downside that is only sloppy typing. Poor grammar might bother me but sloppy, arthritic fingers are one of the costs of getting on in years.  And Word has the nasty habit of auto-correcting ( I know that I can turn it off) which does not teach my fingers the right places to go. On the other hand, it avoids a number of embarrassing mistakes, such as forgetting the space between “pen” and “is.” Of course then, it’s usually  a grammar mistake.

So please bear with me, as I muddle my way to the finish line. I still think you’ll like it. I hope you give it a try.

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