Publishing Fantastical Trips

I will be publishing this book through Shire Books, a branch of Northshire Books in Manchester, VT. I had a long talk today with my contact at Shire, and learned the answers to many questions I have. I now know that it is impossible to arrange for the book’s issuance at the same time by POD (print on demand) and ebook. The main issue is the fact that the various purveyors of ebooks take different times in getting the book on their sites. Therefore, the POD may well be available before the ebook.

I fully expect that most of my sales (if any)  will be as ebooks, and it will be available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, i-Books,  Kobo and others. Please contact me if you need the book to be available in a particular e-store, and I will see what I can do

If you want a print book, you will be able to order it at any online store that acquires its books through Ingram. Since that is most bookstores in the USA, you should be able to order it.

All of this discussion is, of course, premature. The final edit is not yet done, and the book has not yet been sent to the typesetter/designer. Then it will be proofread again, and only then sent to Shire. But the end is in sight for this one, and the commencement of the same process for Book 2 is similarly in sight. Stay tuned for my decision on the name of the sequel, and the later disclosure of its cover.

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