Silly me

I had the opportunity to go on a writers retreat for most of this past week. I went to a lovely private inn that calls itself the When Words Count Retreat, in Rochester, VT. It is a relatively small place with nine rooms,  and its raison d’etre is to supply a quiet and lovely place for writers to be able to write without distraction. Add to that fabulous food provided by their gourmet chef Aaron, and you have a wonderful way to unblock yourself in luxury.

As we were getting ready to leave, however, I stubbed my left big toe when I was wearing only knitted slippers on my feet. I could tell from the pain after impact that this was something more than the stubbed toe of my youth. But I put my foot into my sneaker for the ride home, and my friend Wendy drove. We stopped at a rest stop for a break and I undid my shoe and looked at my toe. It was not its normal shape and didn’t look too good.

When I got home, I iced the toe three times, with the only result being that the toe became black and blue. The swelling did not go down at all, even when the foot was raised above my head. Not liking the look of it, I drove myself to our Urgent Care center at the Fanny Allen Hospital (yes, the wife of Ethan Allen of Green Mountain Boy fame). They x-rayed my foot, and yes, I had broken the large toe. Because of its use in maintaining balance, it was scheduled to result in my departing on crutches. But…. I am still recovering from a broken arm 14 months ago, and walking around on crutches was not in the cards.

They gave me a knee high boot to immobilize my foot and sent me home with a narcotic pain killer to get me through the night. It worked somewhat, although I apparently undid the boot in my sleep and tried to take it off. I woke up at 6 am with pain in the toe, which was no longer protected by the boot. I had one cat sleeping in the plastic boot, and another sleeping in the interior foam boot which I had also removed. Once I got the cats out of their respective sleeping berths, I reattached the boot, and got up to feed the kitties.

As I now sit in my recliner with my foot elevated, it is finally quiet for the first time today. I am beginning to get sleepy, so I may take a pill and go to bed early. Only I can go on a writing retreat and come back with a broken toe.!

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