Alert! Change of Plans

My editor contacted me yesterday to tell me that she thinks the material in my book should be spread over more than one book, to wit, three and possibly four. Who knew i was writing a series? In fact, as written it is four interconnected stories, none of which I thought warranted a full book by itself. Apparently I am too terse, and maybe a little inconsistent. I make leaps and  bounds in my imagination and don’t apparently give the reader enough info to get to the same place I land. So this may be grueling, or it may turn out to be relatively painless. As a pantser, I may only have to have my nose pointed in the right (or write?) direction and my characters will lead the way.

What this means is that I may have as many as four books published in my first year of publication. And I’ll let you in on a secret. If the first book is really three or four, then I’ve clearly got number five already started with the first 50,000 words of what I thought was the sequel to the first book. And I know the first part of the sequel will morph into a full book if my editor has anything to say about it.

Now the only scary thing is, does anybody care? Does anybody want to read my book(s)? Time alone will tell, gentle reader. I hope you will come along for the ride.

3 thoughts on “Alert! Change of Plans

  1. Martha Kennedy

    Do not rush into publication. Take your time. I am speaking from painful experience. Once a book is out there it is out there forever. I (and many others and better) have learned this lesson the hard way. It can truly be “publish in haste; repent at leisure.” Real writing begins in what you have described here. This is the place where you make your story something for others. This is the good part. It’s not as straight-forward as writing a story or proofreading it or even a certain level of editing, but it is the place where you bring your reader into your world and offer the chance to experience it. Now you can consciously write beautiful sentences and imagine the story through the eyes of someone else so your readers will not even notice your writing. Your editor sounds very, very good.

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