Good News! I’m an Editor

Life is funny sometimes. I got interested in helping indie authors present better books by offering inexpensive proofreading services about a year ago. In one of the ironies of life, I gave up that work except for helping a few old clients in need of emergency work to focus on my own writing. Now I am the official proofreader for the online literary journal, Mud Season Review, a project of the Burlington Writers Workshop. Doing this interrupts my writing time, but I feel it is a service I can render with relative ease.

I have told you that some of my satiric poems are going to be in the 2015 Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop. Tonight I have been asked to proofread some of this volume, and told that I will become an Assistant Editor. Woot-woot! Life definitely has a way of coming and biting you in the butt.

And now for a sneak peak at my novel: the first two paragraphs, unedited.

The last thing Winifred Palmer, known to her friends as Freddy, remembered was taking acid in her best friend’s summer cabin. Now she found herself sliding down a rainbow chute at a casual speed, the colors quivering and morphing. Her hands skimmed the soft sides of the chute as a sense of euphoria filled her. She couldn’t see the sky or any area outside the chute, but she felt no worry.

She left the chute feet first and wafted to the ground, landing gently in a field of wild flowers, with vibrant blues, reds, oranges, and purples. She breathed the fresh air that had a hint of vanilla and lilac. The many flowers she had crushed in her landing smelled familiar but there were a few that she did not know. She reveled in the feel of the warm earth under her fingers, sensing the richness of the loam.

Fantastical Trips, coming soon to a bookstore or e-retailer near you!

4 thoughts on “Good News! I’m an Editor

    1. bhalsop Post author

      Just heard from my editor that the book I wrote is too long and complex and it will be split into two, three or four books. I am somewhat astonished, but will know more on Monday.

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