Fantastical Trips, redux

My first novel is at the editor and she has given me some initial feedback. It has helped to improve my sanity. First, she says I have too big a vocabulary (comes from word lists foisted on me before the SATs in 1968) and that simpler words could convey the same impression. I have no doubt that it will take more words to say what I was trying to say, or else I wouldn’t have picked the long word to begin with.

She says the magic is consistent so far (phew!) which is a great relief, since it’s a large part of the story. She points out that I tend to wander off topic occasionally, and, heaven knows, I am aware of that tendency. Finally there are places where I tell the story when I should show the story. None of these is earth shattering and leads me to believe that it might see publication by the first of March. I know, I know, I keep moving the date back. But I want this to be as good as it can be before I foist it on an unsuspecting public.

As I have said before, it’s a fantasy based on a woman being snatched from our world to a parallel earth. On the parallel earth she finds 10,000 year old sorcerers of apparent human stock. She finds aware and verbal evolved creatures such as bipedal cats (felixities), enlarged ravens (avanees) and speaking dolphins (fliperlies). There is also a small, apparently human, race of people who are very short but otherwise proportionate. These are called kerps, and you will get their story in the first part of the book. The novel comes in four parts, each involving a different but related problem, with fights, conspiracies, wars and some humor, I hope.

And there is the surprise introduction of another species in the third section. Let me whisper in your ear.  Shhhhh. They’re dragons!

What do you think? Please comment!

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