Daily Prompt: Play Lexicographer.

Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.

This is a daily prompt right in my wheelhouse. I have created a number of words, primarily for other species in my writing, where there is no word in existence to name them. Some of the names have obvious derivations, such as the felixities and the fliperlies. The cat people’s name comes from their genus, Felix, while the dolphin like fliperlies’ name comes from a 1960s era comedy, Flipper. Others have no obvious connection to existing things.

The avanees and the kerps are named after two typos I made that rang true for me. The avanees, raven like creatures with bigger brains and the ability to talk, were a typo for the name Vanessa, and kerps, two foot tall humans, arose when I mistyped the word keep four times as kerp in one short story. I figured that it was a sign.

My most recent species name arose when I was typing a flash fiction for my writers group. All I knew about the species was that it had tentacles at the time I came to name it. So I threw a syllable into the air metaphorically and came up with Trapolisis. This species later practices a mind-to-mind hypnosis, and I don’t think I realized that yet when I named the species, but it seemed to fit even better.

The bottom line is that I think some about names I give species, but mainly I just wing it!


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