The Storm

I sit here in Burlington, VT, watching the news about this great storm that is hugging the coast of New England. I lived in the Boston at the time of the blizzard of ’78. Very few people mention the storm that dropped around 20″ the week before the blizzard. It was so hard to dig out from the blizzard because the snow from the earlier snowfall had not been completely cleared.

This storm that is now laying waste to the coast will probably not hit us much, if at all, in Burlington. They predict 2-4″ and that is a notoriously whiffy projection here. With that forecast in the past, we have gotten between 0″ and 10″. So no one I know is placing any bets on this storm. Every map I’ve seen so far has an upper snow line either just above or just below us.

I have volunteered to man our workshop all day tomorrow. The regular morning person has had to drive home twice this year in treacherous conditions and is reluctant to do it again, understandably. I can walk to and from the workshop reasonably, although I regret that it’s uphill on the way home. I doubt I will have many visitors tomorrow, and I will use the time to write, knit and play games. Hopefully, mainly writing!

Ooh! The latest map says we don’t get anything!

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