New Toys

I rarely get new stuff, but received two new toys in the mail today. I have had nooks from the very beginning, and my most recent nook was a nook HD. I have been having trouble with it for some time, and last week I called for customer support for the fifth time this year. I was told that, to fix my problem, I would have to deregister and reregister my device. This entails the wiping of all material on the nook, including side loaded material, and then downloading it again. I hit the roof, and said that it would be the fifth time in a year that I had to do this time consuming and painful operation. (Try downloading 1800 books at one time someday and you will see what I mean.) The customer service person checked my math and agreed that it would be the fifth wipe since the beginning of 2014. She asked to put me on hold for a moment, and came back to tell me that they would be sending me a replacement device, and that it should have been offered earlier. She also informed me that they had no nook HDs available and would be sending me instead a nook HD+, a much nicer machine than I had previously had. Jubilation.

It was particularly nice because I had, the day before, ordered the newest small Kindle. I had on my nook the android Kindle app, but the number of books in it was getting so high that I feared to run out of memory shortly. So I ordered the kindle.

I received tracking numbers for both items, and the invoice initially showed I would get the Kindle on Wednesday, and the nook on Tuesday. But over the weekend I got an update from UPS telling me that they would be delivered together today. They were indeed delivered just as I was about to head off to a meeting. So I am sitting here after midnight having finally downloaded over 2600 books. I noticed that by accident I seemed to have gotten the same book twice, once from B&N and once from Amazon, for a few different titles. I was not concerned. If by buying a book twice I was helping a struggling author, it was all for the good. I hope it happens to me when my first book is published later this spring.

Now all I have to do is to get protective cases for both of them. Just in case.

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