Hindsight/Daily Prompt

Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

Why should I? I went back to read it and it was perfectly fine. At least for me. And I see no purpose in performing distasteful tricks for the sake of playing along. This is your second strike this week. One more and I’m quitting on the Daily Prompt for two weeks. By the way, although it is fine that you’re back, why am I still not getting notifications of the prompt? Is it because you know I will call you out on the lame ones?

I have been blogging for a little over six months. During that time, I have discovered that I like having a forum, and an interesting group of followers. I have regular converse with some of them, and some of them do the daily prompt. I have watched in amusement as they and I have walked in lockstep against inane prompts. Sometimes we write something even on the idiot ones, but it has more to do with our ire than with a delight in enjoying the thrill of a decent prompt. Good prompts teach us and reward us. They stretch us in the direction of growth as writers. Stupid prompts cause wallowing in the depths of despair and writing out of desperation, not a place conducive to the best writing. We don’t learn from the stupid prompts, except new and funny ways to tell you how bad they are. You should have an editorial review board before you put out a prompt. With at least one real blogger not in hock to wordpress on the board. But it will never happen. Maybe I’ll just stop seeking out the prompt, now that you are no longer sending it to me.

That’s a plan. And I think I’ll follow it.


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