Daily Prompt/Cliché

Clichés become clichés for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush for you.

I wonder where they come up with these prompts. Some of them are downright stupid. This is one. While I understand the cliché, I rarely remember them until someone comes out with the damn thing so I can think about it. My feeling about this particular one is that we are an acquisitive people. and the thought of a new iPhone or PlayStation or Wii is enough to make millions of people want it desperately and need to have it. It’s ridiculous of course, and the upshot of all this is that earlier versions of these items become available for sale at steeply discounted cost for a fully functional, if not absolutely up to date, phone or game player.

So I have just bought an iPhone 4 online, my first, at a considerably lower price than either the 5 or 6, and yes, there are already 6s on sale by some jaded buyers who didn’t like what they got. Is this one bird versus two? Perhaps, but it was a pocketbook issue, and I can use my new phone on a program that, best scenario, costs me $9 a month and worst is probably $25. As we used to say, can’t beat that. And if at some later point I need to update my phone, I will be able to. I have had enough expenses in my life lately that I believe that anything is possible in the future, if not now.


One thought on “Daily Prompt/Cliché

  1. angloswiss

    I have had iPhone 4 for a couple of years and see no reason to buy another. My husband has 6, but it does not really do more than mine, perhaps bigger and nicer picture quality, but in relation to what I would have to pay for it, I am staying with my iPhone 4.



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