My Hero/Daily Prompt

Who’s your hero? Tell us a story about why that person plays such an important role in your life.

My hero is a character in my first book (now at the editor) Fantastical Trips (probably available this spring, but no promises!). He is a felixitie, a humanoid cat with upright ears, a  fur covered body, but no tail. His face is also feline. He is the head man of his group of felixities, and he is noble of purpose, wise beyond his years, and as gentle a person as you are likely to meet. He resolves conflict, leads communal hugs that transcend the physical, and leads with grace and humor. He assumes everyone is well intentioned until he sees evidence to the contrary, and he speaks badly of no one who doesn’t deserve it.

He is not a weakling, but assertive, without being aggressive. In fact, he is all around good, except with two flaws. He is occasionally arrogant with the testiness that sometimes goes along with it, but he admits his mistakes (mostly). The second flaw can only be found by reading the book (no spoilers here!)

He is not the hero of the book, although he has a rather large role. He is not the hero of the second book (now being written), though again he has a large role. Why, you might ask? Because a hero who is this good in a book is boring and can’t advance the story very well. He supplies humor, observations, reprimands when necessary, and a good companion to others. It’s certainly the role I would like to play in life, but I don’t have all his good characteristics. But this is why I write, so that I can play at being good.

Real life heroes are those like Malala Yousafzai who are willing to sacrifice their lives for worthy causes. She is strong, noble and admirable. But the world is otherwise generally bereft of those characteristics, which is why I live in fantasy.

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