A Writing Fool

I have continued writing on my sequel, and I suppose the good news is that it’s going so fast that I may have the first draft done before the first book is back from the editor. So far are the conflicts in the new book are human caused, though I expect that to change when I get into the second part. I am nearing the end of the first part at slightly over 23 thousand words. I expect no more than one or two thousand to complete it, but my characters have tricked me before. I make no commitments now that I know how much control they really are in. All it takes is for one to go walkabout, and the whole thing will screech to a halt.

The unrelated book I was writing and got stuck on might have been a simple walkabout that I missed. Of course it was probably 20 thousand words earlier than I was, and I know no one is willing or happy to discard 20 thousand words. There’s a lot of sweat equity in those words! However, I knew when I wrote them that they weren’t working, or should have. If I’m bored writing it, won’t my readers be equally bored? Didn’t someone once say, “Surprise the writer, surprise the reader?” Well I’m sure the corollary is “Bore the writer, bore the reader.”

There is still no evident title for the book. I can imagine something as terrible as “Rebellion: The Act of the Day” but that won’t fly. Maybe Trippy Rebellions to play off the first book’s name. Not likely. So the writing goes on, and the characters tell me what happens. It’s more than my life is worth to ignore this bunch. We’ve got some miles behind us, and I know which ones are tricksy and which are straight shooters. I just hope I’m fair to them all in the stories. I’m sure they’ll let me know if I stray too far, unlike the ones in that other book. No way these guys will lead me astray for more than an hour or two. But they’ll do that to keep me on my toes. I caught them a little earlier when I hadn’t written more than a hundred words off, and they were half pleased, half bummed that I’d cottoned on to them so quickly.

Well, I’ve got to get back to writing. They say I’m giving too much away about my writing process. But they also say it will work for anybody, just to listen to the characters. After all, it’s their story.

What do you think? Please comment!

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