Daily Prompt: Waiting Room

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

It depends on what it is. I want many things I will never have, but the desire for these things fuels my writing, where I can have them and so much more. On the other hand, waiting for a bus, even in the shelter, can be a bear in winter, and the patience wears thin in just a few minutes. We live in a world of acquisitiveness and excess consumerism. I don’t need anything that world can foist on me. Black Friday? Who cares?

And then there are the changes that come too fast, like shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  Nope, not going there. Christmas decorations up the day after Halloween. Not my cup of tea. The whole world has gone crazy with this cupidity, this desire to have and acquire. And to have to have it right now, whomever it discommodes. Even the fanatics in the religious world have to have it right now. Either the Caliphate or the Second Coming, take your pick.

Acquisitiveness is a double edged sword. When you get something new, the newness wears off and you need a new target. So you can be satisfied, but it’s temporary. It’s like a hamster running full tilt on its wheel in its cage. But give him a liberty ball and he can see the world, and lie down and sleep when he’s had enough. If we had learned that lesson, it would be okay. But look at the ads on tv and the social media circus which gives new meaning to “keeping up with the Joneses next door.”

Thank you, I will wait, as patiently as possible, for things to come to fruition. Baby steps of progress are fine with me. I will use my time well while waiting, so I can start waiting for the next thing, when the first thing comes in. It improves the mind and chastens the soul. The world should try it.


One thought on “Daily Prompt: Waiting Room

  1. alfredsalmanac

    I wish the world would try it. I can’t cope with the bombardment of consumerism and bad news, that the media constantly throw at us 😣 great post.



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