Angelic Confessions

Book CoverToday I introduce another new book by an outstanding author, Jan Marie. Jan Marie resides quietly in the Forest City of Illinois with her three little cherubs: Zachery(9) and twins Aidan and Zane. Oh! And their guardian kitty cats Kitkat and Heizey. She has, with her hands full of children and pets, still found time to write a fascinating book, again addressing a subject that has won acclaim before, with Angelic Confessions now joining Angelic Memoirs in her realm of fiction.

A summary: In a world where the Father created all I was born…an angel. A new breed I was meant to overthrow the children of heaven. To prevent this I was taken, and raised as Father’s own. my memories wiped, the dark beast inside me caged. Memories never stay buried though…

Jan Marie has decided to self-publish. As this is a subject of interest to many authors, I thought you might like to read her take on this decision.

Why Choose to Self Publish

Choosing to self publish was not an easy choice for me. I had originally started down the traditional publishing path researching publishers, and literary agents. Sending out query letters after query letters out to any agent I thought might like my book. I knew my chances were slim to none in all truth. I then looked into authors who had self published before. I researched on the art of self publishing itself learning the differences between self publishing and subsidiary publishing who can sometimes hide in self publishing’s clothing. My next thought was why not.

I also thought it was the best direction for my book. I felt my book was unique, and a bit risqué being that I used religious figures such as angels, and well known angels at that. In the book the great Saint Michael is not all that saintly. I kind of worried that no literary agent or publisher would want to touch it. That I would have radical religious people attacking me. Kind of silly of me, but you never know. In deciding to self publish I also changed my approach to the book focusing on the romance aspect of the book leaving religion aside. That is what the book is really a romance story.


You  can find Jan’s books at Amazon,  or at

If you want to learn more about Jan, her blog and her Goodreads page

are good places to start.

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