Novels and knitting

My first novel, Fantastical Trips, of which I have written before is off at the editor, and I do not yet have an ETA on its completion. Nor do I have a clue as to how much work I will have to do upon its return to me.  I should therefore seize the time to work on my second novel, already nearly 55,000 words, while FT is being edited. Or not so much. I have gotten into knitting, and am unlearning all the bad habits I’ve gotten into, knitting nothing but skinny scarves as a form of meditation. Making real things requires more concentration and a different kind of meditation. I am currently sitting here typing in a figure eight scarf that I made in less than a day. Woo-hoo. It required that I knit in the round, that I both knit and purl, and that I manage five strands of yarn at the same time.. Needless to say, it was a challenge, but I am wearing the fruits of my labor right now, and avoiding adding another shirt because of the warmth I feel from the new scarf.

I want to get back to my second novel, tentatively called The Wandering Way, but I ended my last writing on it in early October; I have a half sentence at the end of my writing to that day; and I have no idea what the intent of the sentence was, why I was receiving no signals from my characters, and why I have such difficulty getting past the partial sentence. If this be writer’s block, I can see why it is so feared by all. With the days getting much shorter, I have looked forward to many productive days, but they are not there except in knitting. Help! This is not how I imagined it.

I am about to read the two pieces for tomorrow’s workshop, which I lead, and I’m hoping that they will inspire me to figure out what is going on in WW, or at least a suitable work-around to the present problem. So I will go off now to “work” and hope it inspires me to work!

What do you think? Please comment!

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