Absent again!

Sorry I have disappeared again. It’s the same old reason. I killed another computer with water. I now have my new computer and intend to get back into the swing of things. The loss of the computer set back my delivery to my editor of the manuscript for my first book. Oops. I will work all day tomorrow to get it finished, but it may take more over the weekend. But if I get it to her, and she can start work on it quickly, I still hope for a pre-holiday release.

I want to commend to you all a blog I have discovered that is amusing,idiosyncratic and music oriented, alfredsalmanac.wordpress.com  I love this place, and he’s looking for ideas for a new blog award. Go, weigh in, and keep the faith!

One thought on “Absent again!

  1. alfredsalmanac

    Hope it goes well with the book. Thank-you ever so much for the endorsement. My blog would be nothing without people like yourself, who take the time grace it with your comments, wit and intelligence.

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