Daily Prompt: One-Way Street

Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why?

Not interested. Wouldn’t go either way. I have no faith that we will survive the coming climate change. And I’m certainly not happy at the prospect of redoing the past. It was bad enough going through it once, already. Why on earth would I want to repeat it? There is no idyllic age in the past that appeals to me. As a woman, I wouldn’t want to go back to a life of servitude and second class citizenship.

Science fiction tells us, and mainstream science seems to concur, that the possibility of a temporal change might create a new world, leaving this one to carry on. But there are strong women in our history that flared brightly and then passed on, leaving thoughts and ideas that fermented and made possible the various advances that women have made through the years. One more would not materially change the world, while leaving women (and myself if I went) as still second class citizens.

Also poverty was prevalent in most areas in the past, and there is no reason to assume that I would not be poverty stricken. My skill set is designed for now, not the past or the future. Dislocation in time must cause dislocation in the person moved. Not interested.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: One-Way Street

  1. Hobbie DeHoy

    Well, if I actually lived in the past I would definitely be dead, due to all the medical advances of the late 20th century, so there’s that. However, it might be interesting to visit, you know, just to see how people lived and coped with the world around them. I definitely vote for going to the past over going to the future. Spoilers!



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